The Experience of the Body


Adaptable and intuitive, the female body generates experience and emits powerful messages. Realizing his true nature and strength, he leaves the framework of prejudice, manipulation and socially imposed norms. It receives and gives with the awareness that interiority and exteriority form a totality.

Figures from an unusual perspective, unlock ideas and images from the unconscious, finding beauty in the unexpected and unusual. These are images that surpass the constructs of reason, images from the shadows, which need to be looked at and illuminated. The deeper we dive, the greater the light we will reach.

Surreal photography is used as a way of meeting the physical and the spiritual, a place of permeation of the apparent world and the unverifiable by the senses, encouraging the reaction of each individual on the subject of the relationship between body, mind, soul and our existence here and now.

The work received the third prize at the exhibition "Large format Beauty" by the Grafix company, held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary.

Technique: Print on plexiglass and golden mirror acrylic.