Silence is not only the absence of sounds, cessation of action or sleep, but a place where we can hear ourselves, a space for deeper cognition. It is not the ultimate goal but a prerequisite, a starting point from which we act in the direction of research, creation and cognition.

Silence on the outside does not imply silence on the inside. Oftentimes internal states are far noisier than external sounds. To feel silence fully would mean to feel your true being, beyond emotional interference and constant boisterous thoughts. Just as darkness is the best stage for the appearance of light, silence is the best place for cognition, development and creation.

Ultimately, everything that moves vibrates, from the smallest molecule to the universe itself. Everything that vibrates produces some kind of sound. Our sense of hearing is always active. Which sounds we listen to is a matter of choice.s

Excerpt from Ivana Bašić's text: "The meaning of collision, fusion, eternal circulation of living and non- living matter remains inaccessible to those who cannot shift their focus from external, chaotic and boisterous stimuli and sensations to the space within themselves, from the continuous repetition of the self to the unrepeatable moment of the present, to the ineffability of presence and the call of essence, which is a foreboding of eternity. The opus Slience by Lidija Živković and Darko Kuzmanović is a call to that foreboding."

Technique: Acrylic and gold leaf